Realistic Train Simulator

ZDSimulator is a realistic train simulation game for Windows. It is used by professionals for train driver training in Ukraine and Russia as well as by gamers and train simulation enthusiasts for entertainment and education purposes all over the world and features rolling stock used in post-Soviet states. In ZDSimulator the emphasis is placed on realisticness, which means all you see in-game looks and works the same as it does in real life. Drive and handle real passenger and freight trains. Resolve contingencies and repair locomotive on the go. Explore the riches of post-Soviet space by operating on routes from Kiev to Moscow and more. Feel yourself a professional train driver!

In ZDSimulator you get to experience full range of professional train driver's duties. And it's up to you what to do and what to skip. If you are experienced enough to start a train from scratch and handle every part of operation - then professional difficulty is for you. If you simply enjoy driving and don't want to bother too much with technical things at the start - pick beginner mode, which is very enjoyable as well.

Drive and handle real trains


Driving and handling is one of the key parts of train simulation that exites us the most. Drive real locomotives used by Ukrzaliznitsya. Practice safe handling techniques - it is vital to apply brakes properly to avoid derailment or parting, being aware of your speed and track profile is also important. Not only will you get a chance to drive exact copies of real locomotives, but also to perform complete train setup (on startup) and even repair your loco underway as contingencies occur.

Prepare equipment and circtuits for functioning


To start driving locomotive equipment must be setup properly. Professional mode will let you start a train from scratch, meaning besides the usual startup procedure you will need to configure inner systems and make sure all circuits are functional, exactly what train drivers do! It takes a fair bit of knowledge to start a locomotive, and in ZDSimulator you can practice doing it or at least see what it's really like and become familiar with the process. But if you are no expert, no worries! You will still get to drive and practice safe handling techniques in beginner difficulty mode that will advise you on how to start your loco and keep going, no need to worry about complex procedures. And it's fun too!

Experience real train dynamics from the comfort of your home


Everything in ZDSimulator is real. Every locomotive and part of the rolling stock is an exact copy of its real life prototype. Every single detail works the way it does in real world. Physics, sounds and operation mechanisms of the trains are 100% realistic. This gives every person a chance to learn something new about locomotion and more importantly practice train driver skills. ZDSimulator is very technical and realistic in terms of operation process and offers its users an authentic train driving experience. Take your time to peek into the realistic world of locomotion and feel train dynamics from the comfort of your home in front of your computer. Download free demo!  

Support the project and get updates for free


We put a lof of effort into modelling the circuits, equipment, track profiles and even ballast to make sure train simulation works as close to reality as possible. The emphasis was placed mainly on the simulation aspect, which is most important in our opinion. We are working hard every day on various improvements to enchance the realisticness of the train simulator, and we consider user requests and pay close attention to feedback and comments to ensure that nothing is missing. We are a very small team of 3 people with train driver backgrounds and different technical skills. We regularly release updates (used to be once a month) and do our best to make sure there are no nasty bugs that interfere with your simulation session. Over the years of existence over a thousand user requests was implemented. ZDSimulator improves constantly and the longer you know us the more progress you'll see. Support ZDSimulator, Buy Full Version activation key and get all the updates and addons for free plus limitless support via email. By purchasing full version of our train simulator you are stimulating the project growth and helping it survive.

Note: we are currently working on creating manuals and possibly video guides that show how to properly start locomotives in professional mode. Full Controls manual is already present within the game and accessible from the setup window.


  • Authentic driving experience 
  • 100% realistic physics and operation process
  • Detailed locomotive equipment and circuits visualization
  • 12 locomotives, 2 preinstalled routes, dozens of scenarios
  • Over a 100 FREE addons: routes, car and locomotive repaints, scenarios 
  • Low system requirements! 2 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 3D graphics card 512 MB
  • Free updates released regularly