ZDSimulator v. 4.9.5 released

4.9.5 changes are described below:

- Curve inclination added;
- Cab swinging algorithm redone;
- Added ChS7 electric loco model version;
- VL80t traction performance improved;
- KLUB-U remodeled;
- Wipers added for most of the locomotives;
- Sensor 418 is now working correctly;
- Reduced the number of "buy now" icons in the trial version;
- Increased the distance limit in the trial version;
- 2ES5k begginer hints fixed;
- No-voltage section bugs fixed;
- English language and language switcher added;
- New full version activation system added. Keys from earlier versions will apply;
- Pneumatics lightning added on ChS4t;
- Emergency situation (contingency) #75 added: "No voltage in the contact system";
- Uncoupling on ChS7 added. Uncoupling lever is situated next to the terminal crane (red);

- Message text size reduced in scenarios;
- Rendering optimized;
- Rearview mirrors added;
- Trees lightning redone, no black patterns now;
- CullFace option added (back-face culling) for better route visualization. Shift+F8 to turn on in-game, F8 to     turn off;
- Winter sky textures added;
- The night is darker now;

downloadDownload free version 4.9.5  (722 ?B)

You can install the newest version into the old directory, it automatically overwrites older versions.