New ZDSimulator v4.9.6 released


The latest version of ZDSimulator is out! We expected to finish it in March, but due to various complications the release had to be delayed. V4.9.6 offers a better English translation of the original game and numerous bug fixes and improvements. 

We encourage everybody to download ZDSimulator v4.9.6 and see the changes! You might have to update your activation key, mail us your new authorization code:

Here is a full list of changes in v4.9.6:

- improved English translation

- improved VL80t loading pattern

- fixed a bug with spontaneous derailment

- added a list of all supported screen resolutions

- added circuit zooming (mouse wheel)

- added a new parameter Pixel Shaders, it includes dynamic shadows in the cabin that are currently implemented in ChS7

- added projector beams and buffer-beam lamps for all locomotives

- improved sun lighting of the world

- fixed a bug with sudden crashes in scenarios

- added a new electric circuit for 2ES5K

- changed forward/backward movement controls inside the cabin: [shift]+ [uparrow] and [shift]+[downarrow]

- when increasing time speed in scenarios ([ctrl]+[uparrow]) events are also sped up

- improved profile line visibility on the HUD display, it is now thicker

- added a new parameter VSync that limits FPS to screen refresh rate. This parameter is needed to increase graphics card performance.

- removed points penalty for power consumption

- broadened the critical values scale for comfortable acceleration and braking 

Full Version has arrived!

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ZDSimulator has been officially released in English! You can now purchase full version activation key through PayPal here. No hassles now! The activation process is fully described in this guide

You can download free version here.

The latest version of ZDSimulator is 4.9.5. 

View 4.9.5 changes log

- Curve inclination added;
- Cab swinging algorithm redone;
- Added ChS7 electric loco model version;
- VL80t traction performance improved;
- KLUB-U remodeled;
- Wipers added for most of the locomotives;
- Sensor 418 is now working correctly;
- Reduced the number of "buy now" icons in the trial version;
- Increased the distance limit in the trial version;
- 2ES5k begginer hints fixed;
- No-voltage section bugs fixed;
- English language and language switcher added;
- New full version activation system added. Keys from earlier versions will apply;
- Pneumatics lightning added on ChS4t;
- Emergency situation (contingency) #75 added: "No voltage in the contact system";
- Uncoupling on ChS7 added. Uncoupling lever is situated next to the terminal crane (red);

- Message text size reduced in scenarios;
- Rendering optimized;
- Rearview mirrors added;
- Trees lightning redone, no black patterns now;
- CullFace option added (back-face culling) for better route visualization. Shift+F8 to turn on in-game, F8 to turn off;
- Winter sky textures added;
- The night is darker now;

See you with more updates!

Line of development in 2013

by Vyacheslav Usov at

We've been working hard to do as much as we can in version 4.9.5 by New Year's Eve. We improved a little bit of everything. I'm glad the side tracks are finished, though we have yet to update all the existing routes to work with them and show everyone how to use side tracks in Scenario Editor. The shunting (maneuvers) has received some polishing, now we are able to uncouple and soon will be able to do more. We have also added a lot of locomotive prototypes, ChS7 in particular. Currents, voltage and traction (draft) in ChS7 and VL80t are now calculated way more efficiently, which adds even more realistic-ness to their operation process.

Our priority plans for 2013:

1. Upgrade all the existing locomotive prototypes to fully operating models, include circuits.
2. Add TEP70, ChS2K and ER9E EMU train prototypes. We expected to add them in 2012 and those models had even been sponsored, but due to unforseen difficulties we didn't implement them yet.
3. Can't promise much on graphics. Didn't succeed to implement dynamic shadows in 2012, though it's possible in 2013. And everything else is as well.
4. Add an ability to change cabin, and add more shunting possibilities.



Everything else depends on our locomotive training customers from real railway organizations.

Thank you for your support. See you later with more updates in 2013.

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