New ZDSimulator v4.9.9 is out!

In our latest update for ZDSimulator we fixed some of the small graphical bugs and those causing crashes. New locomotive models (ChS2K and 2?E10UT have been reworked and updated to better represent their real appearance and behavior. Among new features you will find an ability to couple and change cabins, at long last.

As always we recommend everyone to update to the newest version (v4.9.9 direct download link). You will need a new activation key which you can receive by filling out the webform here.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us via email:

We'll have more updates coming.

Full change log:

- Added wipers for ChS2K
- Added new machinery sections for ChS2K
- Fixed  shunting for ChS2K
- Fixed false opening of machinery section when turning left or right
- Corrected the fog, blueness removed
- Fixed the sand in TEP70
- Added contingency # 76: Closed route signalling light
- Points system reworked
- Fixed KLUB-U station display
- Added a possibility to change cabin and couple. To change cabin click on round arrows inside machinery section
- Added a sound on coupling
- Locomotive model 2?E10UT reworked including machinery section
- Tractive characteristic and login of 2?E10UT reworked, added auto-brake
- Various bug fixed
- Fixed a false message of new version ready for download.