ZDSimulator v4.9.7


V4.9.7 contains a few minor bug fixes and some cosmetic changes. In addition to that we decided to replace Vyazma-Smolensk trail with a more refined route: Kiev-Shevchenko. It is more detailed and fitting for simulation purposes, and we are constantly working on its improvements. Kiev-Shevchenko is not fully complete yet (we have 48 more kilometers to build) but that doesn't make it less playable. Vyazma-Smolensk will become downloadable from our addons section while Kiev-Shevchenko will now come preinstalled.

We recommend everyone to update ZDSimulator to v4.9.7. Activation key update is required. Either use a request form or email your authorization code to support@zdsimulator.com.ua. Should you experience any difficulties with updating your version feel free to send us an email.

Full list of changes in v4.9.7:

- Vyazma-Smolensk replaced with Kiev-Shevchenko;

- fixed a transparency bug in rearview mirrors;

- added a loading diagram when starting the sim;

- added control circuitry for 2ES5K loco;

- added a version of ChS7 with speedometer and ALSN (Continuous Automatic Train Signalling System);

- added a brake line lamp for 2ES5K;

- improved clickety clack sounds on rail joints and switches;

- added new traction performance for 2ES5K;

- added a TEP70 locomotive prototype;

- added a new electric circuit for 2ES5K;

- added new car body and cabin models for ChS8 (old repaints won't work);

- when in no scenario mode station names will be displayed on profile, also when pressing F2 a list of all stations on the route will appear synched with schedule. Stations will be also displayed on KLUB-u trail screen;

- fixed a bug with passing traffic moving away (displays properly now);

- the fans in ChS8 can be started manually now

- added lamps for vigilance check in ChS4t-161