Line of development in 2013

by Vyacheslav Usov at

We've been working hard to do as much as we can in version 4.9.5 by New Year's Eve. We improved a little bit of everything. I'm glad the side tracks are finished, though we have yet to update all the existing routes to work with them and show everyone how to use side tracks in Scenario Editor. The shunting (maneuvers) has received some polishing, now we are able to uncouple and soon will be able to do more. We have also added a lot of locomotive prototypes, ChS7 in particular. Currents, voltage and traction (draft) in ChS7 and VL80t are now calculated way more efficiently, which adds even more realistic-ness to their operation process.

Our priority plans for 2013:

1. Upgrade all the existing locomotive prototypes to fully operating models, include circuits.
2. Add TEP70, ChS2K and ER9E EMU train prototypes. We expected to add them in 2012 and those models had even been sponsored, but due to unforseen difficulties we didn't implement them yet.
3. Can't promise much on graphics. Didn't succeed to implement dynamic shadows in 2012, though it's possible in 2013. And everything else is as well.
4. Add an ability to change cabin, and add more shunting possibilities.



Everything else depends on our locomotive training customers from real railway organizations.

Thank you for your support. See you later with more updates in 2013.