ZDSimulator 5.0.0 released!

ZDSimulator v5.0.0 has been released! The newest version contains greater number of changes than we introduced in previous updates. Most of the graphic concerns were eliminated and a few improvements were made. See full change log below.

As always we recommend everybody to update to the latest v5.0.0 (direct download link). Should you have any questions or issues please feel free to send us an email: support@zdsimulator.com.ua

You will need to update your activation key as your authorization codes will change with the new version. You can request a key using our webform or send us an email (include your new authorization code) in case the form doesn't work out for you. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for us to reply, given the large amount of queries.

Change log below:

Version 5.0.0
New features and improvements:
  • added smoke for all diesel locomotives
  • added monitor zoom in 2ES5K loco
  • horn and whistle switched controls: horn is now accessed with [B], whistle with [Space]
  • hints system in Beginner mode improved
  • traction and current characteristics reworked for 2TE10U, added fuel consumption design
  • animated temperature and pressure sensors in 2TE10U
  • improved sounds of 2TE10U
  • added new control tumbler for diesel locomotives 2TE10U, M62 and TEP70. Accessed with [Shift]+[U]
  • added levels of detail (LOD), turned on at 300m distance. 
  • added car swinging on the move
  • added new parameter "Texture compression" along with "Compatibility mode" to the first tab of ZDSimulator launcher window. Allows to run the simulator on older computers.
  • added new menu interface in the simulator, allowing configuration during the game
  • added an option to insert electronic clocks of different colors and sizes in route editor. They will show time in-game.
  • improved textures in ChS2K
  • added maneuvers parameter to the first line of scenario files, identical to the maneuvers parameter in the launcher window
  • added new cabin model in ED4M with classic console
  • added control panel accessible with mouse for ChS4, ChS4 KVR, ChS4T, ChS8. The panel will display when mouse cursor is dragged to the lower left corner of the screen
  • added route Kovel-Sivertsy to the free version. No restrictions for this route
  • compressor for 2TE10U
  • changed the sound of oil circulation in TEP70
  • added zoom in/out in-game via [Ctrl]+Mwheel
  • track profile was further improved by adding traffic lights, platforms and crossings
  • dynamic shadows are now supported. They will be displayed with new objects only
  • improved sounds on ChS8
Bug fixes:
  • fixed discrepancies in the cabin model of ChS4 KVR 
  • fixed projector lightning during maneuvers
  • fixed excessive chattering of the train on rail joints
  • fixed a bug with auxiliary units sound missing on their launch in VL80t 
  • fixed a bug with passing locomotive signal being ignored, it changes to red now after passing another loco
  • fixed the times of sunset and dawn during winter, now corresponds to reality
  • fixed a bug with batteries on ChS4, ChS4 KVR and ChS4t when automation 801 is turned off
  • fixed current display on the monitor of ChS2K


New ZDSimulator v4.9.9 is out!

In our latest update for ZDSimulator we fixed some of the small graphical bugs and those causing crashes. New locomotive models (ChS2K and 2?E10UT have been reworked and updated to better represent their real appearance and behavior. Among new features you will find an ability to couple and change cabins, at long last.

As always we recommend everyone to update to the newest version (v4.9.9 direct download link). You will need a new activation key which you can receive by filling out the webform here.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us via email: support@zdsimulator.com.ua

We'll have more updates coming.

Full change log:

- Added wipers for ChS2K
- Added new machinery sections for ChS2K
- Fixed  shunting for ChS2K
- Fixed false opening of machinery section when turning left or right
- Corrected the fog, blueness removed
- Fixed the sand in TEP70
- Added contingency # 76: Closed route signalling light
- Points system reworked
- Fixed KLUB-U station display
- Added a possibility to change cabin and couple. To change cabin click on round arrows inside machinery section
- Added a sound on coupling
- Locomotive model 2?E10UT reworked including machinery section
- Tractive characteristic and login of 2?E10UT reworked, added auto-brake
- Various bug fixed
- Fixed a false message of new version ready for download.


ZDSimulator v4.9.7


V4.9.7 contains a few minor bug fixes and some cosmetic changes. In addition to that we decided to replace Vyazma-Smolensk trail with a more refined route: Kiev-Shevchenko. It is more detailed and fitting for simulation purposes, and we are constantly working on its improvements. Kiev-Shevchenko is not fully complete yet (we have 48 more kilometers to build) but that doesn't make it less playable. Vyazma-Smolensk will become downloadable from our addons section while Kiev-Shevchenko will now come preinstalled.

We recommend everyone to update ZDSimulator to v4.9.7. Activation key update is required. Either use a request form or email your authorization code to support@zdsimulator.com.ua. Should you experience any difficulties with updating your version feel free to send us an email.

Full list of changes in v4.9.7:

- Vyazma-Smolensk replaced with Kiev-Shevchenko;

- fixed a transparency bug in rearview mirrors;

- added a loading diagram when starting the sim;

- added control circuitry for 2ES5K loco;

- added a version of ChS7 with speedometer and ALSN (Continuous Automatic Train Signalling System);

- added a brake line lamp for 2ES5K;

- improved clickety clack sounds on rail joints and switches;

- added new traction performance for 2ES5K;

- added a TEP70 locomotive prototype;

- added a new electric circuit for 2ES5K;

- added new car body and cabin models for ChS8 (old repaints won't work);

- when in no scenario mode station names will be displayed on profile, also when pressing F2 a list of all stations on the route will appear synched with schedule. Stations will be also displayed on KLUB-u trail screen;

- fixed a bug with passing traffic moving away (displays properly now);

- the fans in ChS8 can be started manually now

- added lamps for vigilance check in ChS4t-161