This License Agreement is a legal document between you (natural or legal person) and ZDSimulator (hereinafter - Author) on the software product (hereinafter - Product) which insludes software stored on respective data media or on the Author's website, any printed materials and any electronic documentation. This License Agreement does not grant you any patent rights, copyright, trade secrets or any other Product relevant rights. All proprietary rights and copyright (including all Product's images, texts etc.), covering printed materials and any copy of the software are the property of the Author. All Author's rights are protected by law and international copyright agreements, as well as by other laws and agreements relevant to copyright protection. Hence, the software should be treated in the same way as any other copyrightable matter, with the only provision that the software is permitted for installation on one computer providing that the original copy is kept for the backup purpose only. Copying of the covering printed materials is prohibited.

By this License you are entitled to the following rights:

1.1. Use of the Product
The Product or any of its previous versions may be installed on one computer at a time. The main user of the computer with the installed copy of the Product is allowed to create one more copy for remote use.

1.2. Keeping and network usage of the Product
Keeping, installation and launch of a copy of the software on computers open for public use (e.g. network data servers) is not allowed. The Product License prohibits shared or simultaneous use of the software copies on different computers exceeding the number stipulated in 1.1. UPLOADING OF THE PRODUCT TO ANY TORRENT TRACKERS, P2P NETWORKS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


2.1. Opening of technologies, decompilation and disassembling restrictions
Opening of technologies, decompilation and disassemblying as
well as any modification of the Product is not allowed.

2.2. Product division
The Product is licensed as a single whole. It may not be divided for use on several computers.

2.3. Lease and commercial use
The software may not be leased or given for temporary use. Any kind of commercial use of the Product is prohibited.

2.5. Transfer of Product
Transfer of any own rights for the Product, the Product itself and its parts including the cases of transfer or sale of the computer is prohibited by this License Agreement.

2.6. Termination of the Agreement
In case of failure to comply with the terms and limitations of this Agreement the Author may terminate this Agreement without impairing his other rights, in which case you will be obliged to destroy all copies and parts of the software.


3.1. No guarantees.
This software is supplied "AS IS". AUTHOR BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT ACCIDENTAL LOSS INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) DATA LOSS, LOSS OF PROFIT AND PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE COMPUTER OR ITS PARTS ETC., IN SPITE WHETHER THE PRODUCT WAS USED CORRECTLY OR NOT. By accepting this License Agreement you agree that YOU SOLELY are responsible for any damage arising from use of the Product or any of its parts. By installing the Product on your computer you agree to the terms of this License Agreement.

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