Frequently Asked Questions

1. Purchase

Once the payment is processed you will be eligible to receive an activation key. To receive the key request it manually by filling out the form here. Make sure to specify your email address and authorization code correctly. After successfully sending a request an activation key will be sent to your email almost instantly. Check your spam folder if you didn't find it in your inbox.

I did not receive my activation key!

Make sure you specified your email address and hardware id correctly upon sending a request. Also check your spam folder. If you still did not receive it consider adding and to your contacts list and repeat request.

If none of that helps, contact and add this address to your contacts list to prevent it being blocked by spam filters.

2. General questions

1. What is ZDSimulator? Who is the developer?

ZDSimulator is the most realistic railway simulator. All the breakdowns and other technical problems in the game is a reflection of real situations that happen and happened before on real railways. ZDSimulator software is developed by Vyacheslav Usov. If you want to find out more about the developer please refer to this section.

2. What is the latest version of ZDSimulator? When does a new one come out?

The newest version is 4.9.7. You can find the full changes log here.

New versions of ZDSimulator are released regularly. We will keep you posted on updates.

3. How can I help the project?

You can buy full version of ZDSimulator. By making a purchase you are helping the project grow and improve.

5. How do I install additional rolling stock and routes into the simulator?

You can download additional routes, train skins and more. All these files are easy to install with installation wizard guide where you have to specify the ZDSimulator directory.

You can use additional routes in the free version but it is limited to a few miles. Purchase full version for experiencing full range of possibilites!

Addons for Microsoft Train Simulator, Trainz railroad Simulator, Kuju Rail Simulator and others do not work with ZDSimulator.

3. Common issues

1. No sound in the game

Try tuning the sound accelerating unit or update your sound card drivers.

2. Can't choose scenarios. Select-box is inactive.

Uncheck the "multiplayer" box in the simulator initial setup. You are unable to load scenarios in multiplayer mode.

Didn't find an answer to your question here? Feel free to contact support.