ZDSimulator 5.0.0

We encourage you to download free version of ZDSimulator, and purchase full version if you liked it!

The download package offers access access to locomotives ChS4, ChS4 KVR, ChS4t, ChS7, ChS8, 2ES5K, VL80t, VL82m, ?62, 2TE10U, ED4m, ED9m and TEP70, all real and in every day use in Ukraine. Available routes are Kiev - Shevchenko 220 km, and Moscow - Vyazma 260 km.

downloadDownload free version 5.0.0  (1500 ?B)

You can install the newest version into the old directory, it automatically overwrites older versions.

ZDSimulator 4.9.9

An older version of ZDSimulator is still available for download.

downloadDownload free version 4.9.9  (1420 ?B)

ukRight after you first launch the simulator, you will need to change language to English.

We'd love to bring to your attention, that you don't need an activation key to play free version. You will only need an activation key to access full version.

If you are having troubles starting the simulator, please do one of the following:

1. Run the program as administrator

2. Install the latest drivers for your graphics card. For example, if your manufacturer is GeForce, the website is If you use Radeon, their website is 

3. In ZDSimulator launch window enable Compatibility Mode in Graphics tab.