Benefits of the full version

We invite you to play full version of the most realistic railway simulator and enjoy full range of its possibilities and benefits:

Even more realistic and high quality routes

In the Full Version your travel distance is not anymore limited to a few kilometers! And besides more routes are waiting for you.

Create your own routes!

Got bored of all the existing routes? With RouteSDK map editor you can design your own routes and share them with the community!  


"All units on" feature

With full version active Ctrl-Delete key combination becomes available: it turns every unit and switch on and sets up your locomotive for you. All you have to do is launch the ready-to-operate train and drive!

Breakdown recovery

By pressing Delete you will be able to get back on track after a sudden breakdown or fire. It is a fast and easy way to automatically repair your locomotive if you are in "time is of the essence" situation.

Back on the rails

If you break the speed limit or crash and derail you can easily recover by pressing F5.



Contingencies is an option you can choose to turn on or off when editing your scenario or in multiplayer. You can find a list of possible contingencies here.


Speedometer strip

You will be able to record a speedometer strip and decrypt it afterwards. This is required for multiplayer.


Change camera view outside and inside the locomotive

You can see what your train looks like from the outside by pressing /
and change view angle from inside the cabin with Ctrl + mousewheel



You will be able to bring up the console (with ~ key) for faster configuration. For example you can turn the "run off the rails" option off if you don't want this to happen.
Console commands:
Quit – quit
Speed <insert speed> set current speed
D <1> - "run off the rails" off, <0> - "run off the rails" on
Goto <routename> - change route
Elem <element #> electric circuit element info
Console makes it easier to create and test scenarios.