Activation Guide

To successfully activate full version of ZDSimulator you will need to follow these 4 steps:

1. Install free demo

Before you buy full version activation key you will need to download and install free version. Make sure it runs well on your system and you're happy with the overall performance.

2. Purchase

After you have installed free version you will need to buy full version activation key:

Either click on "Get a key" button in the launcher (zdsimulator.exe) or go directly to this page. Click buy, fill out all the necessary information and proceed to checkout with PayPal.

Please note that it is only possible to activate one copy of the full version for one computer. An activation key is unique for every email address, which means you cannot receive more than one key at one email address. If you want to purchase more than one copy of ZDSimulator (i.e. buying for your friends), you will want to make purchases separately (buy one at a time) using different e-mail addresses (preferably those of people you're purchasing the game for) so whoever you are purchasing ZDSimulator for will be able to request a key and successfully activate full version for his/her machine using the key that will be sent to their email address (which you will specify upon making a second or third (etc) purchase).

3. Request activation key

After completing your payment go back to the product page. You will find the "Request activation key" form at the bottom of the page which you will need to fill out.

Specify the email address you provided on purchase and your authorization code which is associated with your hardware id. You can find your authorization code in the "Authorization code" field in the launcher. Copy and paste it into the form and press send request.

Authorization code (hardware id) typically looks like this: C735953333 (format: CXXXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXXX is your unique 9-digit id) Please note that there are no low lines (_) or other symbols in it. 

authorization code example

If you successfully purchased the activation key with PayPal the following message will be shown upon sending the request:


If you purchased the activation key and getting this message:


Then make sure you have specified the correct email address (the one you used during checkout) and hardware id (authorization code found in the launcher).

4. Activate

You will receive an email from with activation key for your hardware id (authorization code associated with your hardware). Check the spam folder if there is no email from us in your inbox. Copy the activation key and paste it into the "Activation code" field in the launcher (zdsimulator.exe). Then configure the game to your liking and press "start simulator".

Your full version of ZDSimulator is now activated - enjoy unlimited mileage, routes and train functionality. 

Benefits of the Full Version

Should you have any issues getting your key immediately contact It may take up to 48 hours for us to reply, however, most of the time we reply within 2 hours.